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"Write your first draft with your heart. Re-write with your head."

~From the movie Finding Forrester



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Copywriting Services

Wikipedia defines copywriting as “the use of words to promote a person, business, opinion or idea.”  It’s a broad definition that Write Brained applies with equal skill when positioning a CEO as a thought leader, driving sales or persuading an audience to support a cause. 

Freelance Copywriting

Regardless of industry or project, there are certain truths that guide effective copywriting, and the most important of these is understanding your target audience.

Write Brained helps you develop custom profiles of your audience so every word in your marketing message speaks directly to who your reader is, what keeps them awake at night and what inspires them to act. From ad copy to web content writing, establishing this emotional connection is the key to transforming basic information into effective messaging.

The fact is our clients are really good at what they do. They just don’t have the time or desire to spend hours on writing projects.  And, sometimes they are too close to their business to see what’s right in front of them. Companies benefit from our freelance copywriting services by gaining the fresh perspective needed to increase credibility, expose competitive advantages and maximize response to marketing efforts.

Request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with Write Brained to learn how hiring a copywriter can save your company time and money. Read How to Write Effective Copy for tips on writing your own content.

Copywriting Specialties

Write Brained has worked with clients on many types of projects across diverse industries. Over time, we have developed an affinity for and specialty in:

Technical Writing
SEO Copywriting
Medical Writing
Marketing Writing
Business Writing
Other Copywriting

Copy Editing

An unknown author wrote, “Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.”

Copy editing and proofreading dramatically improve your writing. It’s amazing what a fresh set of eyes can do for your work. If your company has existing materials that need lots of work or just a little fine-tuning, Write Brained offers:

  • Light editing to correct errors in spelling, punctuation, format and grammar
  • Heavy editing to improve the construction of your sentences, organization of your ideas and clarity of your thoughts

We can polish rough drafts to ensure your copy is as tight as possible and can infuse any written text with style and energy.

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