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"If you can’t turn yourself into your customer, you probably shouldn’t be in the marketing writing business at all."

~Leo Burnett



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Marketing Writing

Despite popular belief, B2C and B2B marketing and copywriting services are different. Many people subscribe to the theory that “marketing is marketing” whether you’re reaching out to consumers or businesses. It’s true that all marketing copywriting needs to:

  • Evoke interest and enthusiasm
  • Maintain or establish trust
  • Speak to your audience’s pain points

But, a person buying a product for themselves has an entirely different perspective and emotional experience than a person buying a product for their company. Companies that embrace this concept create compelling messages that spur targeted groups of people into action. Those that don’t create generic messages that speak to no one.

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Our Approach

Write Brained has created B2C and B2B marketing copy for market research firms, medical practices, software companies, cultural institutions, non-profit agencies and educational institutes. We take the time to understand your audience and what motivates them so your marketing materials are relevant and insightful.

The ultimate goal of B2C marketing, including sales letter copywriting and brochure copywriting, is to convert shoppers into buyers quickly so copy needs to capture the customer’s interest immediately through short, pithy messages.  The ultimate goal of B2B marketing is to convert prospects into customers, but the process is much longer and involves relationship building and ongoing communications.  Here, content is supremely important so it is advisable to educate your audience through meaningful newsletter copywriting, web content writing and white papers.

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