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"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."

~Mark Twain



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Medical Writing

With so much focus on healthcare, from increasingly complex medical devices to healthcare services and new legislation, the need for clinical copy has never been greater. Companies seeking effective healthcare copywriting must make a practical choice between hiring a narrowly skilled, full-time professional or contracting with a freelance medical writer. Given the temporary nature of medical copywriting assignments, it is often easier to justify freelance help.

The quality of medical content copywriting is judged by how informed and correct it is, but technically accurate medical copy that actually engages, informs and educates is the ultimate objective. When choosing a freelance medical writer, it’s important to seek out professionals who can understand the complexities of advanced procedures and translate the concepts into easily digestible messages.

Request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to determine if Write Brained is a good fit for your medical copywriting needs.

Our Approach

Whether you need user manuals, marketing materials or optimized web content, Write Brained
offers experience in educational medical writing (as opposed to regulatory). We’ve worked with physicians, medical administrators and marketing professionals, but generally our medical copy has been geared to targeted consumer segments. Specifically, we have produced:

  • Web content for surgical procedures
  • Sales literature for new products
  • Brochures for understanding medical coverage, patient rights and hospital benefits

When we start a project, Write Brained asks background questions and gathers assets like white papers and reference links to assess the overall scope of work. We estimate the size and number of pages that are required, the complexity of the material and the anticipated cost. 

Whenever possible, we provide a “not to exceed” estimate before a project is initiated. In all cases, clients have the opportunity to review content for style and substance with Write Brained generating follow-up edits as necessary. In more complex projects, Write Brained provides initial samples to demonstrate writing style. Once approved, we generate additional content in larger batches.

Write Brained’s other specialties include:

Technical Writing
SEO Copywriting
Marketing Writing
Business Writing
Other Copywriting

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