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"Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant."

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SEO Copywriting

Well-written, keyword-rich content is the foundation for effective search engine optimization copywriting (SEO). The goal of SEO is to achieve high search rankings to drive traffic to your website but also to produce persuasive text that will convert your visitors into customers. The best SEO in the world does a company little good if site visitors are met with wordy content that lacks substance. Request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with Write Brained to learn how keyword-rich content writing dramatically improves your online marketing efforts.

Our Approach

Write Brained uses a multi-faceted approach to web content writing that satisfies the people who visit your site and the search engines that rank it. While there are many ways to perform search engine optimization, Write Brained focuses on:

The first step in search engine copywriting is identifying the words and phrases your audiences are using to find your products and services online. Research tools like Google Keyword Tool are fast, effective and free. Once we’ve identified the most popular search terms, Write Brained skillfully weaves those keywords into your content in a way that produces readable, persuasive messaging while achieving top search results.

A common mistake we see is optimization using a shotgun approach to keywords. Write Brained knows that this technique is flawed and, instead, follows a consistent strategy of focused copywriting and optimization using the right keywords. After our clients’ websites have come to dominate search engine rankings for the most sought after keywords, then it will be less costly to maintain the ranking for those keywords. It may also be time to pursue rankings for additional keywords. In general, website optimization is an exercise in focus: focus first on your content and, within that content, focus on moderate deployment of the right keywords and keyword phrases.

Meta Data
Meta data is just a fancy way of describing the text fields in your website’s coding that only search engines see. They include “meta keywords,” which is where Write Brained plugs in the most popular search terms identified in the keyword research; “meta title,” which is a snippet of informational code that becomes clickable text in the search result; and “meta description,” which is a brief description of the page’s content. Accurately defining meta data is critically important since search engines use this information to compare information found on your site with other sites to determine relevance.

Internal Links
Adding internal links using keyword phrases is a great way to improve your website’s rankings. See Write Brained’s internal links as an example. In our keyword research, we identified the words and phrases that companies needing SEO copywriting in Michigan use in their searches. By adding these internal links to pages that feature our other specialties, we provide visitors with easy navigation while gaining favor with search engines.

Write Brained uses additional SEO copywriting techniques like customized page length, unique content, information chunking and calls to action to help your company succeed online. Typically, we work in conjunction with SEO companies that implement the technical aspects of website optimization. Working together, we can rewrite the content and change the foundational coding to achieve favorable rankings and increase visitor conversion.

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